Brands are on a journey to create integrated, personalized experiences.
Digital store technologies must answer customer questions, save time and meet their needs
This is the Age of the Empowered Consumer
When enterprises adopt new technologies, they do old things in new ways; but, when they internalize technology, they begin to do new things.
There is no such thing as digital strategy just strategy in a digital world. Neither mobile nor digital is a channel. It is a utility that is an ecosystem of analytics enabled experience
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The Center For Digital Experience

73% of retail businesses identify that improving the customer experience as a priority. Second only to increasing revenue. 68% of retailers have made personalization and experience a priority, but 53% lack the right technology to personalize.
Source: Forrester's Global Business Technographics Priorities And Journey Survey, 2016

Brands are on a journey to create integrated, personalized experiences. The goal of digital experience is to make memorable moments in the positive interaction with a brand.

“Humans are not only experience-seeking, they are meaning-seeking, and so retail has to move to become more participatory, rather than simply transactional.”
Kevin Kelley, principal, Shook Kelley presenting at the National Retail Federation conference, January 2017, New York

Digital experiences are fulfilled by a wide range of digital technologies including dynamic signage, kiosks, interactive display, architectural media, video walls, mobile, tablet, augmented and virtual reality, technology interface (voice, gesture, etc.), analytics and the tools for managing messaging and interaction with these devices. Digital experience applies to business to business (B2B), business to business to consumer (B2B2C) and business to consumer (B2C) commerce.

Retailers are racing to keep up with ever-evolving technology and their competitors – and increasingly empowered consumers. In 2017, numerous forces will shape retail and how they invest to win, serve and retain your customers.

Digital experiences are points of engagement on the path toward mutual benefit.

  • Shoppers browse and purchase the right product for them from online and physical retailers.
  • Entertainment enthusiasts gain information that excites their participation and fulfills their investment of time and money in a movie, game, concert or performance.
  • Travelers use terminals and stations fluidly and safely while taking advantage of on-site amenities offered by vendors.
  • Staff performance is improved as their behaviors align with their employer vision, mission, goals, culture and operating approaches.

Digital mastery is essential to brand building through customer experience.

Digital store technologies must answer customer questions, save them time and meet their needs. Customers want experiences that are in immediate, in context and align with moments of need.

“Do you speak channel or customer?”