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ABOUT Lyle Bunn

Lyle Bunn (Ph.D. Hon.) discontinued service on October 7, 2017 as an independent analyst, adviser and educator in North America's Dynamic Place-based Media industry. In April 2014, services milestones related to advisory and education services were announced. He has been recognized with an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions to Dynamic Media initiatives and industry development. He was noted as one of the 11 most influential industry people in August 2013 by DigitalSignageToday and in October 2013 was named among the "Innovators and Influencers" of North America's Signage industry by Sign and Digital Graphics Magazine. In 2005, Lyle was the only individual named in the Digital Signage Forum "Top 10 List" along with organizations such as 3M, Clear Channel and Intel.

He has assisted hundreds of organizations to plan, source, implement, upgrade, use and supply Digital Signage and Place-based media, and has helped thousands of network, end user and supply professionals to be more successful. See Lyle Bunn "by the numbers" to learn of his past contributions to organizations and professionals.

In addition to new initiatives, Lyle's depth of knowledge and independent perspectives are useful in moving existing networks to a new plateau of value and investment-worthiness. 

Lyle Bunn brought experience, knowledge and contacts to “make Dynamic Signage and Enterprise Media happen”... successfully. 

He was one of  the industry's most highly regarded, broadly recognized and “well connected” professionals who served as principal writer and editor of industry reports in USA Today, The  Wall Street Journal and Canada's National Post.

Lyle Bunn brought business and project strategy to clarify “the big picture,” proven processes, the identification and coordination of resources and expert facilitation for sustainable success at the enterprise, business, project and end user levels.

He was the principal author of "The new Madison Avenue Diet - The Strategy for Performance-Focused Dynamic Signage Content". This omnibus whitepaper provides the framework for digital signage business models and content production. In early 2007 Lyle Bunn released the first-ever CD ebook "Digital Signage Planning Guide" as a CD-ROM eBook which, now in its 6th edition, is used around the world.

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