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Advertising-based Digital Place-based Networks


Attend the Oct. 27, 2016 Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) VIDEO EVERYWHERE SUMMIT.

Ad Agencies are Shaken and Stirred by Digital. Summary of the 2015 DPAA VIDEO EVERYWHERE Summit.

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Ad Management Software Drives the Digital Place-based Media Business As ad-based Digital Place-based signage has matured in serving almost $1 billion annually that agencies and advertisers now come to network operators’ table with, and retailers increase their investment in dynamic media, networks operators are called to deliver better planning, placement and performance information. The ability to conduct advertising commerce effectively and efficiently fundamentally defines the success of an ad-based Digital Place-based network. The growing needs of advertisers mean that the “Ad Manager”, or the “Inventory and Campaign Management” capabilities of the Digital Place-based Network is a primary enabler of customer service and the achievement of network operators’ business goals.

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