Briefings reflecting progress of the medium | Lyle Bunn

Briefings reflecting progress of the medium


  Defining Communications Objectives - Getting the most from the medium 

* POPULAR DOWNLOAD * Digital Signage Industry Influences and Outlook (June 2012). This 13-page analysis by dynamic place-based industry analyst, consultant and educator Lyle Bunn outlines the state of Digital Signage in North America from the standpoint of four qualitative factors including Attitudes, Markets/Uses and Supply and Technologies. Four concerns are noted including their “remedies in progress” and commentary on the Outlook for the medium is provided. .pdf or .word.

Media Week 2013 Summary.Media week through the lens of digital signage showed the appeal of the medium. “FrankenMedia”, programmatic media buying, Paid-Owned-Earned, “Brand-safe”, “Video” as a funding category, Context as King, Location as the new Cookie, investment parameters and outlook are included.

This 34-page (5.8 Mb) whitepaper outlines the value of this campus communications medium and ways of assuring that benefits are fully realized. The paper also presents ways of generating revenues in order to offset operating and network costs, and generate new revenues for the campus or departments.