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** NEW **  Customer Experience is Defined at New Levels.

When brands, retailers and digital experience providers met at the 2017 Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit in Dallas, the focus was on defining “what works” to maximize CX approaches. Read the 5-page summary here.

How Customer Experience (CX) Failed United

While the Customer Experience (CX) function within the enterprise is a relatively new role, emerged from Voice of the Customer and process assessment/improvement programs, CX leadership has got to up their game in service to the brand. The old adage of business is that “smart executives resource your priorities.” Now is that time, as brands are confronted with the full frontal attack of the empowered consumer and extreme competition. Read the 2 page article here.



download full report here

This 65-page special report in 19 chapters describes the fast-emerging priority of Customer Experience (CX) and the professionals who are driving this business improvement process in retail consumer environments. It outlines the current crisis in physical retail and describes how digital place-based media provides value at the intersection of the brand and the consumer. The importance of change management toward digital media success is then emphasized. More than 90 people and 100 organizations that are advancing customer experience and place-based media practices are referenced in this paper and a list of key associations and events that serve the intersection of CX and digital media is provided.

Summary here of the Feb. 2 CXPA Toronto Chapter panel. "Focus on change management". “Every organization is hard of hearing, every CX initiative is like a hearing aid that presents truth and realities in a way that can best be heard by the part of the organization that could own it.”

Door to the Virtual Reality Store is Opened Further in Toronto. Virtual and Augmented Reality in combination with neuroscience are used to plan and optimize store, shelf and product label design, but these combined capabilities herald the rapid emergence of the virtual store.

How to Maximize the Immersive Digital Experience. In this 26-minute Vimeo interview of Lyle Bunn by Marcos Terenzio, Dir. Digital of Shikatani Lacroix Design, Lyle describes how digital delivers brand value and improved location-based experience. He uses the  examples of Time Warner, Whole Foods, SportsChek and others to describe how digital is being effectively integrated and outlines key approaches to maximize the value of the medium. This "big picture" interview is intended as a an input to strategic planning.

Customer Experience and Digital Intersection:  The Customer Experience (CX) function can inform location-based messaging and digital engagement strategy.. while "analysis paralysis" can overlook high ROI opportunities.

 Putting Customer Experience Analysis into Action. The 5th annual Customer Experience conference hosted by Strategy Institute offered valuable insights into the design of Customer Experience programs.

10 Insights on Consumer Engagement through Place-based display media were offered through the Digital Trends Showcase held in Toronto Oct 7-8, 2014.

Customer Experience is Advocacy for the Customer in Financial Retail. This paper summarizes key insights offered when customer experience executives gathered at the Customer Experience Financial Services (CXFS) conference held September 28-30, 2015 in Charlotte, NC. This business imperative focuses on serving brand interests through improved customer relations, which is guided by the mantra of all retailers; “Data may be big, but customer experience is king”.

Canadian vs. America Consumer Attitudes & How Digital Signage Applies. Lyle provides commentary through the lens of digital signage on an article reflecting on the closing of 133 Target stores after just 2 years of operation in Canada.

Dynamic Media in RETAIL Guidebook. This in-depth, 47-page guidebook presents how in-store display messaging supports retail revenue success through increased traffic, conversion and enhancing the appeal of the retail location. The convergence of retail platforms (physical store, online, mobile, place-based messaging) and the changing consumer purchase journey are described. In-depth description of dynamic place-based media is provided including elements such as C-Suite involvement, planning, funding and analytics. Download the full guidebook here as released during the National Retail Federation "Big Show 2015" event in New York. Executive summary here.

Changing Consumer Media Consumption Demands Better Communications Approaches

Settling the Frontier of Digital Out-of-Home. This provides a summary of key insights from the Nov. 4, 2014 Digital Place-based Advertising Association "Video Everywhere" Summit and the Nov. 5-6, 2014 Customer Engagement World conference.