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Our brains are hardwired in ways that make digital signage especially powerful when content is composed to align with its capabilities.

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   Digital Place-based Media ROI Analysis - Defining Value.  ROI or Die: Analytics Whitepaper               

Analytics are the backbone of Return on Investment (ROI) analysis and of optimization. The way that metrics are used defines the investment worthiness of communications media. This paper provides an analytics framework for Digital Place-based media investment, validation and performance improvement.

Commentary:  Attribution, it is she who rules the kingdom of marketing media. It is an investment in the investment.

Art and Interactivity on Digital Signage           

As digital signage is an inherently visual medium, graphics and animations are increasingly used to visualize data from business applications or other feeds. In fulfilling its capability to improve branding or the ambiance and vitality at a location, content as art is emerging, and art through interactivity is providing an engaging and immersive experience. This article outlines key trends and factors. This article was published in 2 parts at

Gourmet versus Buffet Content. Better and more diverse ingredients and artistry in the composition offer a more appealing experience.

 “CONTENT” is gaining “stride” and growing fast.

Content production for  North America ’s Digital Signage/Digital Out-of-Home (DS/DOOH) networks has reached $3.5 billion in annual investment, drawing on 21,000 person years of talent.  

Content Scoring Framework for Digital Signage. As I am often asked to provide my opinion about content and play loops, (and serve on the judging panel of several award programs), this outlines a useful, virtually no cost way of determining the quality of a digital signage content spot.. I am sure this will be useful to you.  Lyle Bunn

7 Key Trends in Digital Signage. Most of the trends in digital signage are positive, pointing to the ongoing success and value of this dynamic place-based media. Others point to failure and the challenges inherent in the growing industry. 7 trends in particular are described including; Growth & Installed base, Focus on Value, Failure of Networks, ROI & ROO, Integration into the Media Model, Supply Chain and Content & Transmedia

* POPULAR DOWNLOAD *  Getting Higher Value from Existing Digital Signage Networks. Lyle Bunn defines the 3 areas that typically require attention to move digital signage benefits to the next level. These include content strategy, processes and technology infrastructure. A four-point prescription is then outlined including review, refining, re-calibrating and re-launch, through which a new plateau of return on network investment and value can be achieved.

Lyle Bunn with Phil Cohen - Cohen on Content - VIDEO

DSE12 - 3 Take-Aways: Analytics, Content, Investment ValueA 30,000 foot view of this primary Dynamic Media industry gathering notes a positive correlation to retail and other sector priorities.

The "CONTENT" of Dynamic Place-based Media: The Rise of The "Content is King Monarchy". This 40 page (2.2 Mb .pdf), 23 chapter paper addresses the key elements of content related to dynamic place-based media, providing direction to improve content and communications goals.

 “CONTENT” is gaining “stride” and growing fast. The appreciation for the importance of messaging strategy, tactics and composition has increased dramatically as the digital signage medium proves its value as a communications tool. IHS Markit reports in Oct 2016 that content represents over a third of total digital signage investment.

Content production for  North America’s Digital Signage/Digital Out-of-Home (DS/DOOH) networks has reached $3.5 billion in annual investment, drawing on 21,000 person years of talent.