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SPEED Digital Signage Training Program 

The SPEED Digital Signage Training Program, which is approved by major professional certification bodies (CTS, ESA, CEDIA) for continuing education units, provides key information on digital out of home media and perspectives about the planning, operational elements of Dynamic Signage for project managers and supply professionals who want to succeed with Digital out of home Media and Dynamic Place-based media.

Best practices are illustrated as the participant learns how to plan, promote, establish, use and manage digital signage. The approaches apply for shopper, patron, staff and student communications in networks that are advertising-based, internally funded or a hybrid of each. 

The SPEED training program has been continuously updated and presented to over 3500 professionals since 2009 to serve those who are new to Digital Signage or are looking to optimize or expand their networks. In providing perspectives on all elements of the media and defining how these fit together to assure overall success, SPEED is especially valuable to:

•    Project managers and personnel in Retail, Food Services, Hospitality, Consumer Services, Transportation, Health Care, Campus and Corporate Environments. 

•    Providers of Marketing and Staff Communications Services (internally or in media/ad agencies).

•    Suppliers of display, software, media and connectivity technologies.


SPEED On ! is an advanced course for current network operators seeking to move their use of the network forward. It defines the non-technical elements that "make place-based, out-of-home media happen", with emphasis on the sustainable success of media networks . It is especially suited to organizations and professionals that are investigating or seeking to expand their offerings to include Digital Signage, including:

•  Current operators of place-based networks Integrators and resellers of Audio Visual and Information Technologies
•  Static Sign and Digital Graphics providers.
•  Environment and Customer/Patron Experience Designers.
•  Advertising Agencies.
•     Media Planners and Buyers.
•    Brand Management.
•    Publishers
•    Broadcasters
•    Commercial Audio-Visual Providers. 
•    Rental, Staging and Event Providers.
•    Content Producers and Providers. 
•    Web Design and Media (content) Creators.
•    Investors in Dynamic Media

This acclaimed 4-hour program has been produced, refined and presented by digital signage veteran Lyle Bunn. It offers proven, practical approaches and real-world perspectives, templates and information in areas that are critical to project planning, advancement and operational success.

SPEED provides “Structure for Planning, Explaining, Excitement and Deployment.”

This vendor-neutral program provides approaches that will allow end users to gain maximum benefits while minimizing the investment of money and staff time and managing project risk.  

SPEED enables better project planning, execution and ongoing optimization, allowing project contributors to move dynamic signage projects forward with confidence.

The SPEED program is comprised of nine chapters presented in graphic-based powerpoint slides with media clips that help to illustrate key points for instruction and direction.



 Photo by David Keene, Digital Signage Expo Feb. 22, 2011                         

Key learning outcomes:

  • Participants will learn how to plan and advance Dynamic Signage projects to provide tangible business, communications and marketing benefits.
  • Benchmark performance indicators will be provided against which to plan and measure success.
  • Usable planning approaches that can minimize risk and complexity will be provided.
  • Project structures that minimize time and investment toward outcomes will be provided.
  • Approaches to integrating Dynamic Signage with other communications approaches (i.e. mobile, internet, loyalty programs, print, etc.) will be provided


Lyle Bunn is the Author and Presenter of the “SPEED” program. He has been called a “guru” in North America’s digital signage industry and is highly regarded as an independent advisor, commentator and educator to end users, network operators and suppliers in the industry.


He has served as strategy architect and contributed to the planning and deployment of hundreds of digital signage projects in retail, consumer services, hospitality, corporate and other environments for consumer, patron, staff and campus communications. He has also helped to successfully position technology and services providers for digital signage supply.


A Google search of “Lyle Bunn Digital Signage” gets over 250 references. He was published over 280 articles and whitepapers and was the principal author of “The new Madison Avenue Diet – The Strategy for Performance-Focused Dynamic Signage Content” published by Alchemy. His eBook titled the “Digital Signage Planning Guide,” has been released in its 5th edition and is in use around the world.


Lyle is a member of the Academy Faculty of InfoComm International and has served as conference chair, presenter or moderator at every major North American digital signage event held over the past several years and regularly presents at corporate and association events.


Lyle was the only individual named to the Digital Signage Forum’s 2005 Digital Signage Top Ten List, listed among such corporations as Thomson, 3M, Clear Channel, Focus Media and others. Lyle is often referred to as an “industry expert” in articles, presentations, whitepapers and the corporate plans and press releases of companies, and he has been one of the first in the digital signage industry to carry industry perspectives into the broadcasting and consumer electronics industries.

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