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Lyle Bunn provides education, consensus building, advise and education that helps End Users of Retail, Food Services, Banking, Health Services, Patron, Shopper, Transit, Traveler, Hospitality, Staff/Human Resources and Student Communications Networks in project definition, funding, design, sourcing, implementation and optimization.

See the RESOURCES section for information applicable to your digital signage and dynamic place-based media project.

** NEW ** Download this 5-page Top 10 Questions in the RFP Process for Digital Signage and see the Planning Your Network section for useful materials. Order the Digital Signage Planning Guide to minimize internal time required and mitigate project risks.

Gap analysis and Growth Planning is used to assess the differences between the current state of digital signage value and benefits that could be realized, along with a definition of the steps needed to realize greater return on investment. Gap refers to the space between "where we are" (the present state) and "where we want to be" (the target state). Gap analysis uses impact assessment, opportunities identification, problem resolution, process streamlining and future planning. Objectivity, experience, subject matter expertise and templates provided by BUNN enable the Gap Analysis to be very productive, painless, constructive and a key part of consensus-building among stakeholders. See the service outline here.


** New**  Gap Analysis for Digital Signage Growth: This article produced for the Digital Signage Best Practices Guide (winter 2017) describes the value of conducting a gap analysis toward operating efficiencies and higher return on investment by digital signage. It provides major steps in such an operational review.

** NEW **  See the Digital Signage Gap Analysis and Growth Planning webinar (60 min.) presented by Lyle Bunn - Recording here.



One-page service description here: Contact or call 613-475-9121.

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Some of the end user organziations served in the retail, food services, banking, hospitality, health care, sporting and hospitality sectors include the following:
















... among others. Lyle has advised more than 300 organizations in their application of digiatl place-based media.

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