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Q. How do the SPEED modules “fit together”?

A. The SPEED II modules draw from a core basis of digital signage business planning. Each of four sessions then expands on a key area of planning or operation such as "Content", Advertising revenues, etc.  


Q. How much time does the SPEED program take?

A.Each SPEED program is constructed to best meet participant needs by drawing elements from each module. Programs are typically 1 to 4 hours in duration. All programs include some question/answer and private programs may include in-depth or moderated discussions as a key input to planning.

-          An excellent overview program suitable for rapidly gaining a broad understanding of the key elements impacting digital Signage/Digital Out-of-Home project or supply success, the status and directions of the industry and supply chains can be delivered in about 90 minutes.

-          Each session is one in duration and key elements of each sessions can be presented in as little as 15 minutes each.

-          The complete program, suitable for in-depth project or supply planning is typically delivered over a total 4-hour period.

It is common that additional meetings focused on items of interest such as planning, resourcing, standards of practice, etc. take place immediately following a SPEED program to draw on Lyle Bunn’s project and market knowledge.


Q. What about question and answer (Q&A) during the program?

A. Q&A is part of every program as this helps modulate program pace, assure understanding and enables high relevance and value received.

Discussion among participants, moderated or partially directed by the SPEED presenter (Lyle Bunn) can be included in the program agenda to significantly advance project and supply planning.


Q. What handout materials are included?

A. Handouts are provided in paper or electronic format. These include program powerpoint slides in .pdf format.

The accompanying SPEED Digital Signage Planning Manual includes guidelines and templates in WORD or EXCEL format. 


Q. Is SPEED eligible for CTS Renewal Units? 

A. Yes, InfoComm International has approved SPEED for 4 Renewal Units (RUs) for the CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I certifications. RU award is based on successful completion of a test following the program.


Q. Who do I contact to get other questions answered?

A. Contact Lyle Bunn, SPEED developer and presenter at Info@LyleBunn.com