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Lyle Bunn has assisted many organizations in the planning, design, sourcing and optimization of their digital promotion and menu signage, and has advised many audio-visual and information technology integrators, and static sign providers who wish to serve the needs of food services providers including quick serve, fast casual, bars, restaurants, concessions and cafeterias.

This 45-page (4.5 Mb .pdf) "How to" Guide addresses the investment, planning, sourcing, operations and optimization of dynamic media menu boards, promotion boards, info-tainment, self-ordering, "play" media and other devices supporting the revenue achievement, cost reduction, ambiance and menu labeling compliance.

** NEW **   Total Economic Impact on QSR Drive-Thru Media: Commentary on the Forrester Research whitepaper titled “The Total Economic Impact™ Of Samsung Outdoor Digital Menu Boards: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Outdoor Digital Drive-Thru Menu Displays In The Quick-Service Restaurant Industry” is provided. Food services providers must take a holistic approach that addresses all capital and operating costs and considers the impact on service times, customer personalization, order accuracy, overall branding and conversion. Read it here.


Hospitality Industry Success is Technology-Enabled

** NEW ** The focus was on customer experience during the annual hospitality industry technology exposition and conference (HITEC) in Toronto June 2017. Reservation systems, guest connectivity, visual media and analytics were at the top of the priority list toward increased guest satisfaction and business success.

New technologies are seen as key to helping hotel and hospitality facilities attract and meet the growing demands of the empowered consumer. Read the 4-page event summary by Lyle Bunn here.


Digital Menu Boards profiled at fsTEC16. This short summary profiles the high point of this conference of over a thousand technology executives in the food services sector.


Future-proofing food services digital media. This cover story of the Digital Signage Best Practices Guide by Lyle Bunn describes key elements to assure ongoing value following capital investment in digital menu and promotion boards in QSR, restaurant, bar and other food services venues.

Developments in QSR Drive-Thru. Answers to 3 questions posed to Lyle Bunn in interview offer insights to the growing focus on digital media for QSR drive-thru efficiencies and customer experience. Interview here or link to the Networld Media article. 


** NEW ** The Science of Digital Menu Boards. In a world where food services establishments compete against each other, grocery and even convenience stores and retailers for $1.5 trillion in food services spending, digital menu boards are of increasing importance as a customer engagement tool. fsTECH 2016 includes a session with Lyle Bunn.

Feb. 12, 2016. House passes legislation clarifying caloric/nutritional labeling requirements by food services providers (20 locations or more). See the Restaurant Business article.

Future-proofing Digital Media in Food Services in planning, deployment and optimization.   

Written at the request of David Keene, Editor, NewBay Media as the cover article of the winter edition of the Digital Signage Best Practices Magazine.

Abstract: Maximizing the return on investment and future proofing the investment in digital media by food services establishments applies at the planning, deployment and operational levels. Using digital media well means that business goals are met and customer experience continuously improve at each layer of the hierarchy of business needs.

Analytics in QSR Digital Media Applications. Hosted by Lyle Bunn with guests Richard Elliott and Adrian Weidmann who share how analytics are being used in drive thru and content optimization. VIEW THE RECORDED WEBINAR. Aug 11, 2015 (1 hour)

Analytics-Driven Digital Merchandising in QSR.

FDA provides a one-year reprieve on QSR menu labeling. What does this mean to digital investment?

Making "Snowflakes" special. A short blog about digital media in snowflake, showcase and flagship locations.

Dissecting Customer Engagement and Experience for location-based messaging. This article defines the elements of CX in the interest of exploiting the enabling effect of digital place-based media.

Content Scoring Framework is of high value in menu assessment and optimization. DMB are expected to improve branding, merchandising, customer experience and vitality simultaneously. This scoring framework helps maximize return on investment.

Digitizing QSR Dirive-Thru: Challenges. The digital menu and promotion panels in drive-thru must help improve throughput and keep them coming back. As the medium proves itself indoors and continues to decline in price and operability in outdoor, new opportunities are available to operators.

Digital Signage is a Weapon in Battle of Food Services Differentiation

The "BLISS POINT" in Digital Menu/Promotion/Order Confirmation Boards

Digital Menu Boards: Moving the Needle on Food Service Cost Reduction & Revenue Improvement. As food services providers examine the use of electronic flat panels to upgrade the static signs that have been an order counter mainstay since time began, they are looking to maximize their possible or intended investment in this new approach. This 4-page article describes the value and ways to achieve this. A comprehensive "How to" Guide to Dynamic Signage for Food Services will be available February 22, 2013. Check back then or email to receive an advance copy (.pdf). 

North America's Digital Signage Industry Status and Outlook: This 16-page report highlights:

  • Industry associations and events are evolving.
  • Integration with other communications devices continues to grow.
  • The supply chain is expanding.
  • Data on markets is still an industry challenge.
  • Factors impacting industry growth are very strong.
  • Sales cycles continue to be long and challenging.
  • High growth markets are retail, food services, financial services, patron and staff communications.

Shelf Level Dynamic Signage Converts Shoppers. This 8-page article includes perspectives and visual examples of shelf level signage applicable to the order counter and point-of-ordering.