Industry Analyst | Lyle Bunn

Lyle Bunn (PH.D. Hon) - Digital Media Industry Analyst

BUNN reports on the trends and directions of the digital place-based media sector, providing insights to inform investment, program and policy decisions.

His view of the big picture, deep knowledge of digital media and his broad experience in technology industry development, policy input, corporate strategy and the promotion of enabling technologies for the benefit of corporations, government, public interest and other stakeholders, allow him to see and describe emerging trends, impacts and opportunities.

His sources of perspectives include attendence at major supply and end user market events, ongoing regular interaction with end user, supply, agency, channel and investor organizations, review of published materials as well as BUNN original research and polling.

His analyst strength is in providing a view "through the lens of digital signage" to discern how other technologies and external influences will impact digital media application and supply.

Analysis by Lyle Bunn, as published by industry media outlets, presented at conferences and in webinar and made available at no cost from this site, help to inform investment decisions and policy.