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"The Doctor Is In" - Phone Consultation



Often a short conversation with an objective, highly experienced expert can help launch, accelerate or correct a project, product or service. That is the basis of "The Doctor Is In" telephone consultation service where you can get the information, informed perspectives or contacts you need quickly. Get "Lyle by the hour"!   

This easy-to-use, convenient, affordable, private consultation service offers ready access to informed, valuable perspectives, useful information and actions (including useful introductions) that provide you and your organization with immediate and high value.

All consultations are with Lyle Bunn, who brings broad and deep digital signage and dynamic media project and supply experience. As a well-known independent industry analyst, advisor and educator with 10 years of in-depth digital signage industry experience which follows a further 25 years of Information technology and telecommunications marketing and management experience, Lyle is well-informed.

The service is used by end users, network operators, investors and providers of products and services.

It is a highly efficient way to clarify, expand, validate and accelerate project and business plans, and to refine operational approaches. Useful documents, information, templates, agreements and introductions often help to resolve challenges and advance outcomes quickly.

Approach - Easy

  • Write down the questions or information needs you have.
  • Send an email to suggesting several dates and times when you are available for a telephone call.
  • A reply email will indicate the preferred date and time or suggest alternatives.
  • Send your questions or information needs prior to the planned telephone consultation.
  • The call is initiated by Lyle Bunn to the number you provide. It may be a conference room with several participants from your organization).
  • Useful action items such as documents or other information to be provided, or introductions to be made are summarized at the end of the call.
  • An invoice for the consultation is emailed to you.

Consultation Fee

Consultations are invoiced at $395.00 per hour with a one hour minimum, in 15 minute increments. Each consultation is invoiced separately. Payment is by check only. Day rates are available. (discounts available to new end users).

Consultation Form

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