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Media Industry Analysis

As Digital Signage communications and advertising networks grow and evolve, they naturally also “de-volve” often becoming less effective and efficient over time. This strategic and operational “fatigue” in overlapping areas such as technologies, goals/objectives, playlist strategy, content and composition, measurement and operations reduces the effectiveness of the network, the use of the medium and its return on investment.

Newer, emerging networks require an independent analysis of effectiveness at various stages of operation to establish the basis for future investment.

Lyle Bunn brings an independent point-of-view across all disciplines that comprise a successful Digital Signage network. These perspectives and insights can refresh the application of the medium to maximize its impact and communications results.

Efficacy Analysis or performance review is like a regular “check-up” in which areas of weakness that have emerged can be articulated and through which operational refinements can be made.

A holistic review with particular attention to key areas that impede success enables the highest return on investment, clarifies the value of ongoing and future investment and can provide a roadmap for transition of the network into new areas of value or revenues.

Independent perspectives, in depth knowledge of all operational areas and the suitable application of digital signage are the key to effective efficacy analysis. Lyle Bunn brings these capabilities.

This easy-to-use, convenient, affordable, private consultation offers ready access to informed, valuable perspectives, useful information and actions (including useful referrals) that provide you and your organization with immediate and high value.

All consultations are with Lyle Bunn, who brings broad and deep digital signage project and supply experience.

Efficacy Analysis - Network Review Fee

The network review is inexpensive, typically $2-5K, and conducted quickly (i.e. 1-3 days). It reports on areas of high impact improvement and can involve instruction on state-of-the-art approaches.

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