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THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE PLANNING GUIDE 6th edition now available on USB drive. These materials authored by Lyle Bunn is intended to assist in the planning, investment, deployment, operation and optimization of digital signage network. Order Now (Introductory special $70 including shipping)

This 6th edition of he Digital Signage Planning Guide ebook is organized as 91 separate documents (chapters) in 23 sections - areas of common interest (sections) as follows:

Within these sections are 5 in-depth Guides for major applications (food services, retail, banking, staff communications, content), 4 templates (network description, ad revenue forecast, playloop structure, style guide) and 2 presentations in native Word, Excel and Powerpoint formats. Use these to your benefit. See the detailed Table of Contents here.

  1. READ ME – Detailed Table of Contents.
  2. Industry Outlook
  3. How Digital Signage Operates
  4. The “Why” of Digital Signage – Objectives
  5. Planning Digital Signage - Network Description Template
  6. Planning Digital Signage – Food Services
  7. Planning Digital Signage – Retail
  8. Planning Digital Signage - Education
  9. Planning Digital Signage – Health Services
  10. Planning Digital Signage - Banking
  11. Content Strategy (Playloop planning template, How to make content, style guide sample, Content quality assessment)
  12. Third party advertising revenues
  13. Return on Investment
  14. Gaining Buy-In and Budget
  15. Getting Buy-in, Funding and Consensus
  16. Other Digital Signage Applications
  17. Planning Digital Signage – Staff Communications
  18. Integrators and Dynamic Signage
  19. Sign Providers and Dynamic Signage
  20. Additional Useful Materials
  21. Where to get more help.

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Digital Signage Planning Guide 6th edition. USB drive eBook. (American Pricing)

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