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Digital Media Solutions Planning


The 6th Edition of the eBook “Digital Signage Planning Guide” is now available.

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The technologies, their integration and the business practices related to digital signage continue to evolve very rapidly, as is the body of knowledge concerning industry progress and “best practices”.

Through this evolution however, the design, operation and use of digital signage and dynamic media networks are increasingly focused on the best way of achieving communications and business goals.

Digital Signage practices will continue to evolve and develop, on what has become a solid base of business practice and capable technologies. Use this Digital Signage Planning Guide to accelerate your knowledge, project and supply success.

BUY NOW to own the "Digital Signage Overview and Planning Guide" 6th Edition, which is provided on a 2Gb USB drive. Insights, planning templates and powerpoint slides will help you get there faster while managing your risk.

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