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It's a Whole New Ballgame for Dynamic signage end users, integrators and providers.  The 13th annual Digital Signage Expo (DSE17 March 28-30 Las Vegas) offered insights, announcements and new directions for dynamic signage and place-based media success. See the executive briefing webinar by Lyle Bunn here

** NEW **  Dynamic Media is Advancing on 4 Core Themes. Four powerful themes reflect the new waves of marketing and communications enablement through the use of digital place-based media. These are:

  1. Technology continues to advance.
  2. Digital Signage and place-based media are in the “influence” business.
  3. The media can address bigger problems than it has been applied to.
  4. Application and supply ecosystems are advancing.                        Read the 2-page article.

** NEW **   Outlook for Digital Signage in 2017 is More, More, More. Yogi Berra wasn’t referencing to digital signage when he said “It’s very tough to make predictions , especially about the future”. Digital signage and place-based media can apply present status, and, with a wide enough view of the lens and clarity into the depth, know what is coming in 2017. Within the increase in end user application and supplier capabilities, key areas of growth in analytics, content and enterprise integration are indicated, driven by Gap Analysis and Growth Planning.


Will the Trump Government be good for Digital Signage?

In a word. Yes.

More analysis here.


** New**  Integration into the Enterprise characterizes the future trend for digital signage. The need for Gap Analysis and Growth Planning, to articulate benefits, changes and technology and options for operationalizing the medium are also described in this short 3-page analysis. Read it here.

Stratacache announced its acquisition of Scala on August 15, 2016. See the press release here. It is good news for the firms involved, end users, integrators and the digital signage and place-based industry at large as growth and innovation will be accelerated and suppliers "up their game." ANALYSIS by Lyle Bunn here.

Also see this October 2016 article Software Providers Poised for Greater Service published in Digital Signage Magazine and AV Integrator News. It references the growth of some primary software providers.

DSE17 holds the opportunity for retailers to take full advantage of their Las Vegas travel March 28-30, 2017 while visiting Globalshop. Read why.
The Why and the How of Digital Signage was profiled at DSE16. Download this 8-page summary of Digital Signage Expo (DSE16) which provides a snapshot of industry trends & challenges. Advancement in digital media supply, technologies and integration dominated, as did the importance of measurement and content.

Get the Digital Signage Planning Guide 6th edition here. Resources for end user and supply professionals.

Getting Buy-In and Budget for Digital Signage is addressed in this 60-minute recorded webinar. The areas addressed include the following. Send questions to Lyle@LyleBunn.com.
See the SERVICES section of this site to get more help.
  • Where the funding comes from
  • How to sell the value of digital signage
  • How to move initial projects to broader investment
  • What experimentation and trial really means
  • How to manage investment risk

“Better decision architecting is needed to move digital media projects forward.”

This 12-page qualitative forcast describes the outlook and threats to digital
signage industry growth, and further, provides commentary related to these key elements. The annual industry outlook by digital signage industry analyst, advisor and educator Lyle Bunn is one of the most popular downloads.    
Watch for a January webinar on these oulook elements.

Digital Place-based Media Trends & Directions. August 2015  
Online viewing in this series of 4 chapters provides insights into key trends and directions.
Chapter 1: Investment Criteria for Digital Signage. Chapter Introduction.   Full 50-minute video 
Chapter 2: Frictions in Buying and Supplying Digital Signage. Chapter Introduction. Full 50-min. video.
Chapter 3: Processes for Design, Sourcing and Optimization. Chapter Introduction. Full 50-min. Video
Chapter 4: Technology and Services Trends. Chapter Introduction. Full 50-minute video.  

Recorded interview by Gary Kayye, Editor of rAVe with Lyle Bunn, BUNN and Jose Avalos, Dir. Media Solutions, Intel Corporation. This was captured as Digital Signage Expo 2016 was opening and addresses the role of Intel in driving he media, and a range of industry development issues. See the 10-minute video here.

See this short Q&A with Lyle Bunn as background to his presentation at the ICX Symposium, Oct 27-28, 2015in Atlanta and download this 4-page article Corporate Heirarchy of needs is Well Served by Digital Media

North America's Digital Signage Industry Status and Outlook: This 16-page report published January 2015 highlights the following. This report provides information that augments the video chapters above:

  • Industry associations and events are evolving.
  • Integration with other communications devices continues to grow.
  • The supply chain is expanding.
  • Data on markets is still an industry challenge.
  • Factors impacting industry growth are very strong.
  • Sales cycles continue to be long and challenging.
  • High growth markets are retail, food services, financial services, patron and staff communications.

Lyle Bunn addresses "Why Digital Signage Matter" in opening the Dynamic Signage education program at InfoComm June 2012 conference (30 minutes. Introduction by Perry Goldstein) - VIDEO

** NEW ** InfoComm15 Marks Upward Turn for Digital Signage. This 4-page high level summary of InfoComm15, through the lens of digital signage, reflects on changes in investment, processes and technology. 


Thrills at DSE15. A highlight of key elements of Digital Signage Expo 2015, including Google presence.

During Infocomm 2011 Lyle Bunn assembled and moderated in-depth case studies, presentations and industry expert interviews in the Digital Signage Showcase. These  Theatre presentations and interviews (29 in all - each about 20 minutes in length) can be viewed online. The following were popular presentations made by Lyle. 

    Infocomm 2011 (2-page summary).  

  A 15-minute overview of Digital Signage project planning framework.


   Overview of the Technology Ecosystem for Digital Signage.


  Defining Communications Objectives - Getting the most from the medium 

Brand Activation using Dynamic Place-based Media - "Getting Sexier by the Second". A 2-page summary of Day 1 presentations of the Brand Activation Summit held April 25-26, 2012.

Canada is Hot-Spot for Dynamic Media.This 4-page article describes some key market forces in the dynamic media landscape and lists education and business networking events taking place in April and May. 2012. 

Triple-digit Growth - Can the Digital Signage industry handle it?. Perspectives leading into the Oct 17-18, 2011 Digital Signage Investors Conference

2012 Review and 2013 Industry Outlook for North America's Dynamic Signage sector. This 4-page analysis offers insights into key trends in the use and supply of dynamic place-based media. (Dec. 2012) Word .docx version