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Planning Your Network

** NEW** How to Buy Digital Signage. This 60-page guide, included with the Digital Signage Planning Guide will help you select and purchase the hardware, software and service elements, and complete systems that will provide highest return on investment while minimizing cost, time and risk. Lyle has assisted many organizations with their sourcing.

** NEW ** Tips for Selecting Digital Signage Displays. Since functional capabilities of flat panels displays used in digital signage and dynamic place-based media have evolved significantly, end users and system providers serve themselves and the application well by taking a fresh look at the factors impacting their selection. Brains over bias.

Link to the SERVICES to END USERS section of this site or the Top 10 Questions During the Request for Proposal (RFP) Process and other useful materials

  5 Ways to Start Your Digital Planning. The early stages of planning can be time-consuming and frustrating and can lead the project team and organization down paths to dead ends and endless meetings. This short article describes what many organizations have discovered on their path to making digital signage happen.

OLED Displays for Brand Building and Customer Engagement. Fast-emerging OLED displays offer a flexible, lightweight, energy-friendly device for showing images in a superior manner.

In presenting on the place-based media applications of OLED at the OLED16 World Summit in San Diego (Sept 20-22, 2016), a webinar recording of Lyle's presentation is available here. (30 minutes)

The OLEDs World Summit signals a new plateau of digital signage media presentation. See the event summary here.

Friction in the Digital Signage Buying and Selling Process. This article what can go terribly wrong as digital plans move into supplier sourcing. Also see Chapter 2 "Frictions in Buying and Selling" of the Digital Signage Trends & Directions series.

Ad Management Drives the Digital Place-based Media Business As ad-based Digital Place-based signage has matured in serving almost $1 billion annually that agencies and advertisers now come to network operators’ table with, and retailers increase their investment in dynamic media, networks operators are called to deliver better planning, placement and performance information. The ability to conduct advertising commerce effectively and efficiently fundamentally defines the success of an ad-based Digital Place-based network. The growing needs of advertisers mean that the “Ad Manager”, or the “Inventory and Campaign Management” capabilities of the Digital Place-based Network is a primary enabler of customer service and the achievement of network operators’ business goals.

KPIs - Your Digital Signage Supply Management Dashboard.This article outline the metrics that integrators and other suppliers of Dynamic Digital Signage to end users will find useful in planning and monitoring their Digital Signage Marketing, Sales and Project Management. This is based on the concluding webinar in a 4-part series presented by Lyle Bunn for InfoComm titled Digital Signage Management. 

Train Wrecks and Digital Signage projects ! There are clear indicators when digital media initiatives are off the rails.. The problem is always related to insufficient planning. This short article offers insights from deep experience.