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As a member of the RetailWire "BrainTrust", Lyle provides commentary on key trends, news and questions that retailers face. 
See the questions posed and Lyle's commentary.

** NEW **  Customer Experience is Defined at New Levels.

When brands, retailers and digital experience providers met at the 2017 Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit in Dallas, the focus was on defining “what works” to maximize CX approaches. Read the 5-page summary here.

Read the summary of FFWD17 . Reducing Waste is a Marketing Priority in Canada covering topics such as Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Canada, digital experience planning, native ads and the importance of branding.


National Retail Federation BIG SHOW, January 2017.
Read the insights about the future of dynamic place-based media and its contribution to the success of physical retail stores and omnichannel offered through the National Retail Federation "Big Show" held January 2017 in New York. NRF17 summary articles below.

Digital Media Spending will Increase in Retail.

** NEW ** Change Management is the Key to Omnichannel. Marketing and Customer Experience executives are leading a change management role in the move to improved omnichannel that better uses physical retail space. Also see the related Royal Bank presentation summary.

In 2016 Retailers are making "The Big Pivot" toward the use of in-store digital media as  described during the National Retail Federation conference in New York, Jan. 2016. As retail visits have declined 64% from 50 billion in 2010 to just 13 billion in 2015 (according to The Wall Street Journal), and 24% of 2015 retail revenue  increases went to Amazon, retailers must meet rapidly-changing consumer needs to make their location a destination.

At the same time in 2016, communications agencies in Canada are leaning forward with new approaches to analytics, messaging content and digital media application.

Download event summary articles here. (all 4 articles as a 12-page .pdf)

Dynamic Media in RETAIL Guidebook. This in-depth, 47-page guidebook presents how in-store display messaging supports retail revenue success through increased traffic, conversion and enhancing the appeal of the retail location. The convergence of retail platforms (physical store, online, mobile, place-based messaging) and the changing consumer purchase journey are described. In-depth description of dynamic place-based media is provided including elements such as C-Suite involvement, planning, funding and analytics. Download the full guidebook here as released during the National Retail Federation "Big Show 2015" event in    New York. Executive summary here.


The Birds and the Bees of Customer Experience (CX) Design... outlined governing practices that can guide customer experience design leading to experiences and brand engagement that supports growth in brand equity and corporate valuation. This references the Oct. 2015 ICX Symposium in Atlanta at which Lyle presented.

Making "Snowflakes" special. A short blog about digital media in snowflake, showcase and flagship locations.

Digital Signage in RETAIL 1-hour webinar (recording) by Lyle Bunn

“The future isn’t what it used to be” in retail. Stores are having to adapt as consumers research and buy online, use retail establishments as a product “showroom” while buying elsewhere. Through this, the consumer is expecting special treatment and voting with their wallet. Digital media is a powerful weapon that many retailers are using beyond branding and merchandising. Dynamic place-based media is adding ambiance and vitality to the store environment to make it a more appealing destination, and customer engagement is driving increased digital media use. During this webinar, digital media specialist Lyle Bunn will draw from research that will be included in the guidebook “Digital Media in Retail.”

In this 1-hour instructional webinar by Lyle Bunn, hosted by InfoComm International, the association of the Audio/Visual and Information Technology Integrators, you will learn:

  • How digital signage is being used in retail
  • How this application fits into the path to purchase and customer engagement goals
  • Why and how it delivers value
  • How digital media gets paid for
  • Critical success factors
  • Value analysis

Dissecting "Engagement" and "Customer Expereince" at the on-location path to purchase. The article decribes the importance of context and the value that place-based messaging media provides.

This article offers a summary of the ICX Symposium presentation by Lyle Bunn in Atlanta Oct 28, 2015. "What's Guilding your Digital Media investment?"

North America's Digital Signage Industry Status and Outlook: This 16-page report highlights:

  • Industry associations and events are evolving.
  • Integration with other communications devices continues to grow.
  • The supply chain is expanding.
  • Data on markets is still an industry challenge.
  • Factors impacting industry growth are very strong.
  • Sales cycles continue to be long and challenging.
  • High growth markets are retail, food services, financial services, patron and staff communications.

Drinking Digital from a Fire Hose at NRF15. This article summarizes key insights from National Retail Federation "Big Show 15" through the lens of digital signage for in-store. 

Digital Media in Retail Banking: This in-depth (40-page) guide will benefit retail banks and credit unions that are planing for in-branch digital signage use or seeking more value from past and ongoing investment. Areas such as Business Goals, Network Design, Content Strategy, Impact Analysis and Optimization Frameworks are provided. 

Ad Management Drives the Digital Place-based Media Business As ad-based Digital Place-based signage has matured in serving almost $1 billion annually that agencies and advertisers now come to network operators’ table with, and retailers increase their investment in dynamic media, networks operators are called to deliver better planning, placement and performance information. The ability to conduct advertising commerce effectively and efficiently fundamentally defines the success of an ad-based Digital Place-based network. The growing needs of advertisers mean that the “Ad Manager”, or the “Inventory and Campaign Management” capabilities of the Digital Place-based Network is a primary enabler of customer service and the achievement of network operators’ business goals.

* POPULAR DOWNLOAD * The Power of "OWNED" in the "Paid-Owned-Earned" Media Mix. Lyle outlines the convergence of on-premises patron messaging with the “Paid-Owned-Earned” media model, describing how dynamic place-based signage owned by the retailer leverages “paid” messaging and activates “earned” media for customer engagement. (written for the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

DSE12 - 3 Take-Aways: Analytics, Content, Investment ValueA 30,000 foot view of this primary Dynamic Media industry gathering notes a positive correlation to retail and other sector priorities.

NRF Shouts Technology, Engagement and TalentThis summary of the National Retail Federation January 2012 “The BIG Show” trade show and conference is through the lens of the value and directions of Digital In-Store and Dynamic Place-based Media toward improving the success of brands and retailers. While the marquis theme of the event was “Engage and Evolve,” the three retail industry priorities of “technology”, “engagement” and “talent” were reflected by many exhibitors, retail sector briefing reports and in conference sessions. 7 pages. 

Digital Signage in Retail Financial Services: Supplier John Ryan provides results of their survey of the experiences, frustrations and attitudes of 167 large and mid-sized financial retailers representing 137,000 branches. Commentary on the report here. 

Canadian vs. America Consumer Attitudes & How Digital Signage Applies. Lyle provides commentary through the lens of digital signage on an article reflecting on the closing of 133 Target stores after just 2 years of operation in Canada.

Shelf Level Dynamic Signage Converts Shoppers. This 8-page article includes perspectives and visual examples of shelf level signage.

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