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Staff Communications

Lyle Bunn has assisted many organizations in the planning, design, sourcing and optimization of their staff and visitor digital signage and wayfinding networks, including the largest network under one roof in North America.

Digital Signage in Human Resources Communications 1-hour webinar (recording) by Lyle Bunn

Digital Signage is proving its ability to inform and inspire staff in the organizations that use it. It is also helping to align the organization to achieve corporate goals and develop a strong, common identity. These and other benefits will be addressed as digital signage specialist Lyle Bunn covers setting objectives, content strategy and some technical considerations in planning and using the medium. As many staff have little or access to email and there is growing frustration that memos and emails are increasingly ineffective, digital signage provides high value to staff communications in the enterprise.

In this 1-hour instructional webinar by Lyle Bunn, hosted by InfoComm International, the association of the Audio/Visual and Information Technology Integrators, you will learn:

  • How digital signage is being used for staff communications
  • How this application fits with other uses of the medium
  • Why and how it delivers value
  • Critical success factors
  • Key system design considerations
  • Impact measurement approaches
  • Content composition criteria

North America's Digital Signage Industry Status and Outlook: This 16-page report highlights:

  • Industry associations and events are evolving.
  • Integration with other communications devices continues to grow.
  • The supply chain is expanding.
  • Data on markets is still an industry challenge.
  • Factors impacting industry growth are very strong.
  • Sales cycles continue to be long and challenging.
  • High growth markets are retail, food services, financial services, patron and staff communications.