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Lyle Bunn provides a range of services that includes strategic marketing consulting, facilitation, strategic and business counsel, project consulting, sourcing support, authoring and education to current and potential end users of Digital Signage, investors, operators and suppliers of Digital Signage, Dynamic Place-based Media and Media Channels in Out-of-Home environments. 

Consulting services include:

  • Project Planning, Review, Validation, Input and refinement
  • Presentations to Executives, stakeholders, partners and staff 
  • Situation/Opportunity/Market Assessment
  • Business/Market Planning and Acceleration
  • Funding Strategy
  • Alternatives Analysis and Sourcing
  • Training, Education and Orientation
  • Strategy Development
  • Relationship Architecting (Introductions to suppliers and partners)
  • Vendor Selection, Negotiation and Engagement 
  • DS MAP Market Acceleration Program
  • "The Doctor is In" telephone consultation program - "Lyle by the hour"


Contact Lyle Bunn for a Phone Consultation, Efficacy Analysis, Investment Support or sign up for the Speed Training program giving participants on planning and operational elements of Digital signage for project managers and supply professionals who want to succeed in Digital Signage and Dynamic Place-Based Media.