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Speed Training Program | Testimonials 


Over 2000 people have been trained with "SPEED"


SPEED is a practical, accelerated training program for end users, suppliers, advertisers and investors of Digital Signage to improve business and project planning, launch, deployment and the application and use of Digital Signage and Digital Out-of-Home.  


SPEED leads to the intelligent selection of technologies and effectiveness in operations.


                     A Digital Signage End User Organization said...


“I wish this training had been available as we were doing our planning. It took us forever to go through the mountains of information available, most of which we found to be very biased and too high level. We also probably drew too heavily on the knowledge of a few suppliers, which biased our project directions. Our small investment in independent, in-depth training at the beginning of the investigation and planning cycle would have allowed us to better define what we expected from digital signage, how we would use it, get the right people on board and move forward much more quickly. Suppliers should all take this training. By better understanding the whole picture and what we hope to accomplish, they become more attractive as suppliers to us”.


                     A Technology/Digital Signage Supplier said ...        


“Our business development efforts would have been much more successful if we had drawn on SPEED training. We would have better understood how our products and services could apply to the market and individual projects, and the value we bring to our clients. We would have been more productive in our sales efforts, spending less time in some opportunities, placing greater emphasis on others and closing more sales faster. People new to selling digital signage get lost in a sea of product information. While product knowledge is important, the “big picture” and project planning knowledge are equally important. This short training program and the resource materials will make for smarter customers too, which saves them time and money, as well as ourselves”.     


"The SPEED program was flexible enough to allow us to focus on what we thought was important at the time.  We found that it really helped us organize our own plan and we've made better informed decisions as a result.  My advice is to do the program early on in the process to come up with a well rounded approach to your digital signage project."

             -Dwayne R. Brown, Technical Producer,  Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment (a 2010 APEX Award winner for their deployment)

“The SPEED program packs a lot of valuable information in a short amount of time that will surely help organizations to avoid mistakes and save time. Every end user and supplier could benefit, because Lyle has picked the best information available from across the industry and has distilled this down to the “must-know” facts, and framed these in a way that makes it very usable to move projects forward quickly and successfully”.

             -David Drain, Executive Director of the Digital Signage Association



“I have never been in a better seminar in my life. Lyle has a mastery of the information and he really connects with the audience."

             -Bob Fincher, EVP, Networld Alliance (Publishers of DigitalSignageToday.com)